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  • Obaje
    Dr. Obaje holding Glucosamine Molecule (Model)
  • Meet Dr Obaje, the scientist behind URAH.

    I'm a research scientist and I love research! I was a lecturer in the university and now an industrial chartered scientist & chartered chemist in the UK with many research publications. I hold technology patents in the US, Japan and in Singapore.

    What motivated my research on glucosamine?


    There are not many biological molecules with so much history of controversies, misunderstanding and misinformation as Glucosamine. You can actually say that Glucosamine is one of the most "abused substances" in the market today. The layman taking Glucosamine, the Doctors and the pharmacists in the hospitals, and the laboratory scientists, they all have different stories and views about glucosamine. Even health regulatory authorities classify Glucosamine differently in different countries. While some countries classify Glucosamine as drug, others classify it as supplement, yet other countries classify Glucosamine as natural product.

    As a scientist, I wanted to find out as much as possible about Glucosamine and to understand what really was going on.

    Many test-tube laboratory studies have showed Glucosamine to be effective in enhancing the growth of soft tissue cells and with potential to relief joint pains. But many independent clinical trials have showed Glucosamine to be ineffective on patients.

    Why is Glucosamine effective in the test-tube but not effective in human clinical studies? Our research team began to realize that the real problem was not with Glucosamine itself but with the delivery process of Glucosamine.

    The big challenge was how to deliver this important biological molecule to the body.

    1. Delivering Glucosamine orally, which was the predominant method at that time, was ineffective due to low absorption of Glucosamine in the digestive track.
    2. Also, the acidity of Glucosamine compounds could create gastric toxicity and other side effects when taken orally
    3. You cannot inject Glucosamine compounds directly into the blood stream.
    4. If applied as a cream, the skin acts as a barrier to keep everything out.
    5. Unlike other food supplements, there is no food you can eat to get more Glucosamine in your body.

    As you can see, this was a real challenge and I asked myself "Why is such an important biological molecule, so difficult to deliver into the body?"

    This challenge triggered me to get into the research and to find a solution.

    I found out much later though, that "scientific solution" without access to the "market" to provide to the people who really need the "solution" is a wasted effort. How to take the final product to the market became my second challenge!

    As a scientist, I'm focused on finding a solution to help people to overcome their difficulties and, in this particular instance, reduce aches and pains, improve mobility and ultimately promote active lifestyle and healthy living.

    But I came to understand, like many start-ups and SMEs, that most owners of capital have a different focus. Their focus is more on achieving immediate profits and return on their investments than the delivery of technology or product promises to end-users.

    Some investors actually walked out on us because we did not want to add menthol, capsaicin, camphor or eucalyptus to create the temporary placebo "cooling or heating sensation" in Urah Cream, which does not add any value to the functioning of the cream at all.

    Although I understood where they were coming from, this mindset did not align with the vision we had for Urah products and Urah Company.

    So, what choice did I have?

    • Abandon this project and return to my lecturer job in the university? or
    • Commit myself to helping humanity in whichever way possible?

    I chose the latter option, though more challenging. Because that felt like the right thing to do and suits my principles as a scientist.

    After many years of research, we finally optimized the formula to actively deliver Glucosamine within few minutes to the body areas that need it the most, and without the "Hot" or "Cooling" Sensation. Thus URAH Micellar Glucosamine is now a unique formula helping many people across the globe to overcome their joint and body pains, and to enjoy active lifestyle.

    Urah formula is based on my biosurfactant patent in the US, Japan, and Singapore. The optimal Micellar Glucosamine formula was subjected to clinical tests in 20 hospitals in Singapore, and the result was published in a science journal in 2011.

    I am happy to tell you that URAH Micellar Glucosamine cream is now sold in all the government hospitals and polyclinics in Singapore. It is already in Japan and expanding to other countries.


    We have won multiple awards and we are currently one of the top-selling topical Analgesic creams in Singapore.

  • urah-gmp

  • We now have a dedicated manufacturing plant in Singapore. In 2020 we achieved the PIC/S (World Health Organisation) pharmaceutical GMP quality standards and certification.

    What is the vision for URAH?

    Based on the feedback we are getting daily from users; I can tell you that URAH is like a jewel yet to be discovered. Urah Cream is a product that should be in Every Home. Children, working adults, sport lovers, and the aging parents all need Urah cream.

    With our new manufacturing plant up and running, as well as GMP certified, we now have the capacity to bring URAH products to a broader audience and expand into many new markets.

    Our business approach, be it right or wrong, is to over-deliver on the product promise and do it at a price that makes the product accessible for everyone. As more people become aware of Urah products and production increases, we hope to pass on the benefits of the economy-of-scale to the end-user in form of price reduction.

  • urah-heroes

  • URAH philosophy about helping others is the reason for starting #URAH Superhero initiative to inspire people to help their friends and family who are struggling with pains and aches.

    We all have a superhero within us. We encourage you to bring out the hero in you and help your friends, family, and loved ones to enjoy a more active lifestyle which in return will improve their overall health.

    So, help someone today! Be a hero in your own community. Spread the word! #GetBackOnYourFeet with URAH!

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