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Do You Know that New Scientific Evidences have shown that those who took oral calcium supplements regularly were 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not. Scientific Reference:. HeartJune 2012 Vol 98 No 12 Page 895

A large study of 24,000 men and women aged 35–64 years published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2012 found that those who used calcium supplements had a 139% greater risk of heart attack during the 11-year study period. Scientific Reference:

High oral calcium intake is not absorbed by bones, but rather excreted in the urine, increasing the risk of calcium kidney stones. Scientific Reference:

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Scientific studies have now shown that Calcium is best absorbed from Dietary sources because Dietary Calcium is normally in smaller quantities at a time and in synergy with other vitamins. When you swallow oral Calcium supplement in quantities of 500 mg, 600 mg, or 1,000 mg of calcium, this instant intake of calcium may cause blood calcium levels to spike dangerously high for hours. This spike can cause calcification and hardening of your arteries, and plaque build-up which may lead to heart attack and death.

The Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health has compiled a comprehensive review of the health risks associated with excess calcium, particularly from supplementation. For example, daily supplementation of calcium at 1000 milligrams is associated with increased prostate cancer risk and an increase in kidney stones. Additionally, a recent Swedish study reported a 40% higher risk of death among women with high calcium intakes (1400 mg and above), and a 157% higher risk of death if those women were taking a 500 mg calcium supplement daily, compared to women with moderate daily calcium intakes (600-1000 mg)

After many years of research, Urah Transdermal has introduced a proprietary Transdermal Bio-Calcium with a Slow but Steady supply of Optimal Calcium to the body in synergy with 10% glucosamine and vitamins. Expert in Transdermal Delivery Technology, Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream is clinically tested formula for osteoarthritis, joint, muscular & body pains, sprain & inflammation, and widely recommended by physicians. Urah holds Technology Patents in USA, Japan & Singapore.


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