Proprietary Micellar Transdermal Glucosamine Supplement Recommended in Hospitals and Clinics

Bone Health plus Bio-Calcium and Omega-3

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  • 10% Micellar Glucosamine plus Bio-Calcium + Omega-3
  • Triple action formula - Enhance & Protect bone density, improves cartilage.
  • Omega 3 reduces stiffness and increase blood circulation
  • Prevents and Support for Osteoporosis (Weak bones, fractures) and Osteoarthritis. Recommended for Recovery, Regeneration, Physiotherapy, After knee surgery and after sport injury
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  • Clinically tested. Recommended in Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Proprietary formula using Biosurfactant technology patented in USA, Japan and Singapore
  • No hot or cooling placebo sensation
  • Complete Absorption
  • Odourless, Smooth and natural on the skin

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Urah Innovative Micellar Transdermal Glucosamine Supplement – A Breakthrough Technology that Helps You to Avoid/Prevent many Chronic Diseases.

Millions swallow glucosamine supplements globally, but low gastric absorption and gastric acidity of oral glucosamine is a major concern. Urah Micellar Transdermal Technology has solved the delivery problem by providing Clinically Tested effective Micellar Glucosamine products backed by Technology Patents in the US, Japan & Singapore, and manufactured in a Pharmaceutical GMP facility in Singapore.

Urah Micellar Glucosamine is a scientific formula for non-invasive treatment of Glucosamine deficiency syndromes for long-lasting support and prevention against osteoarthritis, joint and body pains, muscular stress & fatigue, sprain, inflammation, joint stiffness, crunching, numbness, inflammation, frozen shoulder, Achilles tendon, ankle, elbow, neck pain, lumbago, tingle fingers, wrist, and hip pain, as well as tenovaginitis and sciatic nerve compression.

✓Rapid-Acting Glucosamine Supplement: Containing high concentration of micellar glucosamine plus and other natural essential ingredients for enhanced mobility and long-lasting benefits.

✓Recommended in Hospitals and Clinics: For Prevention, Alleviation, Recovery, Rejuvenation, Physiotherapy, After knee surgery, and after sport injury. Ideal for body aches due to overwork in the office, long-hour driving, standing, sitting, farm work, domestic work, and construction work.

✓Clinically Tested and with Patented Technology: URAH holds biosurfactant technology patent in the USA, Japan, and Singapore. Urah Micellar Technology enables seamless and complete absorption without hot or cooling placebo sensation.

✓High Quality: URAH products are manufactured under Pharmaceutical GMP

How to use for best result: Rub 0.5g per affected area 2-3 times daily. Can be applied to knee, ankle, neck, shoulder, wrist, back, hands, elbow, fingers, muscles, etc.

One tube of 50g/unit is the recommended starter’s dose which must be finished within 2-3weeks. Rub sufficiently to cover the affected areas. For maximum benefits, finish 50g tube within 2-3 weeks. Continue to apply the cream after condition has improved for long term maintenance of Healthy Joints.

After you begin to experience relief, start regular exercise together with continuous use of Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream for long lasting benefits, and to avoid recurrence of the pain syndromes. Keep yourself in the Healthy & Happy cycle.


Frost & Sullivan
  2016 Asia Pacific Pain Relief Technologies Innovation Award

Singapore Enterprise Association
  2016 Medal of Honour Award - Top 100 Elite & Trustworthy SME's

Unity Popular Choice Award
  2016 Best Product Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award
  2015 Best Brand Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award
  2014 Brand Winner Topical AnalgesicGlucosamine Award
  2013 Brand Winner Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award

Guardian Health & Beauty Award
  2014 Best Selling Topical Analgesic Joint Care Cream - Omega 3 with Urah Joint Cream

Woman Body Award
  2014 Health & Wellness Award Winner - Bone Health Plus Omega-3 with Bio Calcium

  2014 Award Winner - Sporting Cream Plus MSM

URAH is committed to bringing the Benefit of Innovative Science into Every Home & Neighbourhouod across the globe.

CEO, Dr Jonathan Obaje

What others say?

Hello Urah! I am a successful case of using your product. After using your sporting cream for three weeks, my year old knee problem has almost gone. I very much like to introduce your products to my fellow golfer and lawns bowlers friends in Hong Kong. So many of them are suffering the similar problems.......

Terence Lee (Hong Kong)

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