Beware of false product claims

  • January 20, 2015
  • URAH Singapore

Research scientist tested various products claiming joint pain solutions but disappointed 95% are false claims. Below are some information on how you can identify them.

Typical False Claims

What to check for?

Claim to have Technology

Is the technology patented?

Check for the patent No.

Most topical creams mask their lack of efficacy with the temporary hot or cooling placebo sensation which only last a few hours. Effective transdermal cream do not require the hot/warm and cooling placebo sensation

Claim Clinically-proven

Check for evidence of clinical publication?

Who was the sponsor or support to the trials?

Claim to Contain glucosamine

Check for % of glucosamine on the packaging.  Any cream containing lower than 7% glucosamine concentration may not be effective


Is the cream stable?

You can check for water collection in the tube by feeling the bottom of the tube. If unhomogeneous spots of water emerge from the tube when squeezing out the cream, then the cream is considered unstable.


Claim No side effects

Glucosamine is ACIDIC to the stomach! When taken orally, it may cause gastric irritation, nausea, shortness of breath, wheezing etc

Claim to have Transdermal Technology

Skin penetration test – a proof of efficacy of the delivery vehicle


Rub about 1g of cream on one wrist (enough to cover your wrist joint area). Leave your other wrist untouched for comparison. Wait about 3–5 minutes before rubbing the spot again with your index finger. You may need to apply adequate pressure while rubbing. If whitish scales or powdery debris on your skin is observed, then you may conclude that the delivery vehicle is inefficacious and the glucosamine remains on the skin surface without any penetration. Such glucosamine creams do not provide any benefits as they did not achieve delivery.

Oral over- dosage

Beware of consuming more than 1500mg dosage per day. Glucosamine compounds are acidic and may be toxic to the stomach, especially when taken more that 1500mg per day.  Avoid any glucosamine tablet, capsule, sachet or liquid above 1,500mg per day.







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