How to Apply Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream for Optimal Results

  • August 27, 2013
  • URAH Singapore

One pack of 50g Urah® MGC is the recommended starter's dose that should be finished in 1 -2 weeks. After experiencing relief, a regular combination of exercise with continuous use of Urah® MGC gives excellent lasting benefits that will also minimize recurrence of glucosamine deficiency syndromes.

URAH MGC (OTC- NAFDAC Reg. 04-7852)

For optimal benefit, rub the cream generously onto the affected joints or muscle areas 2-3 times daily for, at least, 1 week. Continue to apply, even if the pain subsides, for minimum of 4 weeks.

Urah® MGC can be rubbed to both the points of pain and to non-painful spots in any part of the body. But do not rub Urah® Cream on open wounds or use for gout pains.

Urah® MGC provides targeted and fast relief of aches and pains. It can be used for sore muscles, stiff neck as well as treatment for arthritic pains, simple backache, wrist and ankle pains, strains, bruises and sprains.

Urah® MGC gives immediate alleviation of the pain and at the same time commences the healing and rejuvenation process that gives a lasting protection to the whole body against degenerative musculoskeletal pains. Urah® MGC can be used as preventive and curative treatment against most musculoskeletal ailments. A combination of Urah MGC with regular exercise gives excellent lasting benefits.

When you rub to the painful joints, the cream should be rubbed generously to cover the whole joint area. It does not matter whether you massage it into the muscles or you just rub it, the cream will disappear into the muscle in few minutes by itself.

Depending on how many joints or body parts you need to rub, you could rub between 1.0g and 5.0 g at a time. Note that even if you rub more that 5.0 g at a time, there is no known risk of overdose or adverse effect.

Urah Sporting Cream & Other Transdermal Health supplements.

Rubbed generously to cover the desired body or joint areas as necessary. It does not matter whether you massage it into the muscles or you just rub it, the cream will disappear into the muscle in few minutes by itself.

Rub before and after sporting activities for best results.


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