10 reasons to keep you moving

#GetBackOnYourFeet It’s becoming increasingly clear to the medical community that it’s just as important for older adults to stay active as it is for their younger counterparts. Exercise helps maintain mobility and stamina, reduces the incidence of disease, and leads to an overall better quality of life. ACE, America’s Authority on Fitness, shares the following reasons why older adults need to get plenty of safe and appropriate exercise. 1. To increase bone density and prevent Osteoporosis. As we live longer lives, Osteoporosis is affecting an ever-larger number of elder...

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50 signs you are aging

Are you reading this in your slippers round at whatsername's house? Have you both got a sherry on the go and the latest episode of the Archers playing on the wireless? If you're nodding – and that's hurting your neck a bit – you're officially getting old. Not that you lot who are listening to Radio 2 and feeding the birds should feel smug. You're pushing on a bit too. Most of us like to think we're young, or youngish, but yesterday researchers came up with a list of 50 tell-tale signs of ageing that might make you think otherwise. Their study found that losing head hair but ga...

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Sleep is important for arthritis patient

Anyone who suffers from it knows that joint pain can have a significant effect on your life, restricting mobility and making it harder to complete even everyday tasks. But it's not just during the day that it can cause problems — sleep can be affected, too. Persistent, aching pain in the back, hip, arms and legs can lead to disrupted, restless sleep. Experts say insomnia is common among the ten million arthritis sufferers in Britain, with some estimates suggesting that nearly two in three experience trouble sleeping.  However, until recently restless nights were viewed as a seco...

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